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              ABOUT ANUTRIC



              Mother milk powder shines on the market

              2017/04/18 00:01
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                He listens to your heartbeat

                He listens to your heartbeat


                Feel your warmth


                You want to give him the best nutrition


                Give birth to his healthy and beautiful tomorrow


                Bring a healthy and relaxing October pregnancy


                Anutric mother milk powder shines on the market


                Anutric Mama's milk powder is selected from New Zealand's imported milk source. It is specially added with 36 kinds of pure natural fruit and vegetable extracts from France Naturex (coniferous cherry, wild rosehip, blueberry, etc.), which is a good source of vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and active substances. It is an important nutrient element for baby growth and mother's health.


                Anutric Mama formula uses a scientific Multi-balance formula to balance the dual nutrients required by the fetus and mother to help the baby develop and the pregnant mother absorbs the nutrients while keeping the body in shape.

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