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              Recipe registration is in place, Anutric is ready to go

              2016/09/29 00:01
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              Golden September, autumn winds, Annus's fourth quarter 2016 sales meeting was successfully held at the company headquarters, and the nation's sales elites gathered in Tianjin to discuss the sales strategy of Annuich after the registration of the formula.

                Golden September, autumn winds, Annus's fourth quarter 2016 sales meeting was successfully held at the company headquarters, and the nation's sales elites gathered in Tianjin to discuss the sales strategy of Annuich after the registration of the formula.


                At the meeting, the general manager of the company, Mr. Fang first explained the key points of the new policy of milk powder from the professional point of view, predicted the development and changes of the infant milk powder market after formula registration, and the specific implementation measures and overall development plan of the company in response to the new policy. Made a description. In August 2016, the Annusi production base, as the first inspection of the National Food and Drug Administration review team after the New Deal was issued, has been approved by the review team and affirmed the formula of Annusch. Therefore, there is always confidence in the formula registration of Anuchi, and it is said that the first batch of registration materials will be submitted.


                Based on the overall strategic planning of Fang Zong, the marketing manager of the company conducted an analysis report on the overall industry market, and explained in detail the product planning and marketing strategies in response to the New Deal. The Sales Director deployed specific action plans and staffing plans for each region. The customer service manager said that the 400 call center has been staffed to expand, upgraded the equipment, increased service, and comprehensively improved service levels, ensuring that sales personnel and customers have no worries.


                After listening to the reports of various departments, the sales manager of the country said that this industry change is both an opportunity and a challenge for Anuit, and the company headquarters is ready to meet the new policy. We must go all out in the sales front. Seize the opportunity to seize the market and deepen the channels to expand sales.


                The two-day sales meeting was successfully completed. The company reached an agreement and reached consensus. Everyone is full of confidence in the future development of Annuxi. I believe that Anuxi will be better tomorrow!

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