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              What should I do when my baby gets angry? Autumn mother must have a "fire reduction" recipe!

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              2018/09/28 00:01
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              After the fall, many treasure moms began to care about the problems related to the baby getting angry. It is like dry stools, more eyelids, and even nosebleeds. The weather in autumn is dry, and the temperature difference between day and night is large. If you don't pay attention to your baby, it is easy to get angry.

                After the fall, many treasure moms began to care about the problems related to the baby getting angry. It is like dry stools, more eyelids, and even nosebleeds. The weather in autumn is dry, and the temperature difference between day and night is large. If you don't pay attention to your baby, it is easy to get angry. Although it is not a big problem to get angry, but the mothers look at the baby's bad spirits, bad appetite will inevitably worry. What caused the fire? Is there any way to "fire" the baby?


                Symptoms of baby getting angry

                In general, the baby will have the following obvious symptoms when getting angry.

                1. more eyelids - eyelids are the information sent out of the baby's body. If your baby has more eyelids, then there may be a liver fire.


                2.tongue hair red - baby's tongue tip, tongue redness is a manifestation of heart fire.


                3. irritability and good move - the baby on the fire will also appear irritability, restlessness, crying, easy to wake up, the body keeps turning and so on.


                4. mouth sores - mouth sores caused the baby refused to eat, easy to cry, do not want to drink water. The baby is prone to cause angular cheilitis, which is the "rotten corner".


                5. the color of the anus becomes darker - the baby's anus should be pink, if the color is red and deep, then this indicates that the baby's body is very hot.


                6.sweating, nosebleeds - the baby's palm is always wet, cool, and a lot of sweat at night, then it means the baby has a virtual fire. In addition, the autumn is relatively dry, and the baby who is angry is also prone to nosebleeds.


                Bad habits of the baby

                Anutric tells you which bad habits are easy for your baby to get angry?


                Generally, the baby will easily get angry after breaking breast milk. The first reaction of the mother will be the problem of milk powder, but this statement is not completely correct. Daily bad eating habits, improper feeding and irregular work are also the reasons for the baby to get angry. If the baby has the above symptoms, then the mothers must reflect on whether the baby has the following bad habits.


                1. do not like to drink water

                Water can speed up metabolism, and the accumulation of toxins in baby's body that does not like drinking water can easily lead to fire.


                2. "hot eating"

                Worried that the food is cold, the baby's stomach is not good. Parents often say that "hot food" is easy to make the baby's pharyngeal mucosa congestive, so that when swallowing, the throat is sore, and it will be easy to get angry after a long time.


                3.eat nuts

                Nuts are good for health to a certain extent, but they are relatively dry and salty. When they are eaten, they are prone to dry mouth, swelling, pain, irritability and other symptoms.


                4.picky eaters, do not eat vegetables and fruits

                Many babies have problems with picky eaters. They like to eat big fish and meat, high-calorie foods, and do not like to eat fruits and vegetables. Therefore, it is easy to lack vitamin C, causing symptoms such as gums, mucous membrane bleeding and the like.


                5. eat sweets or spicy food

                Excessive sweets and peppers are also the culprit that causes the baby to get angry. It will consume a lot of B vitamins in the body, and there will be symptoms of "fire" such as glossitis, angular cheilitis, constipation, and irritability.


                6.sleep late

                Some babies have not slept until 11 or 2 pm, and the spirit is very exciting. This habit is also not good. Irregular work and rest will also cause the baby to get angry.


                How to scientifically "fire"

                Anutric explains how to scientifically "fire"


                1. good eating habits

                Drink plenty of water and eat more seasonal vegetables and fruits


                Cultivate your baby's habit of drinking boiled water. If your baby really doesn't like to drink, you can use freshly squeezed seasonal juice instead. In addition, the fruit can not replace the vegetables, the children are not willing to eat vegetables, the vegetables can be made into juice, or mixed with meat to make the meat stuffing of buns and dumplings.


                Don't eat too much

                Daily meals should be fixed for three meals, but you should not eat too much, otherwise it will easily accumulate food.


                Eat less food on fire

                Spicy, fried, high-calorie foods are easy to get angry, parents should pay attention. There are also some hot fruits, and it is recommended to eat less.


                2.regular work and rest

                It is recommended that your baby sleep early and get up early and sleep at least 10 hours a day.


                3. develop regular bowel habits

                After the meal, you can take a walk with your baby, help digestion and promote bowel movements, and avoid the accumulation of toxins in the body.


                4. timely increase or decrease clothing

                The temperature difference between day and night in autumn is relatively large. Mothers should increase or decrease their clothes in time, wear too much clothes, and the heat in the body will not easily go out.


                5. pay attention to the home environment

                The weather in autumn is relatively dry. It is recommended to open the windows frequently during the week to keep the air fresh in the home. You can also use a humidifier to maintain the humidity in your home.


                Thank you for listening to the Newh Parenting Knowledge Lecture Hall, we will see you next time!

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