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              Position: Production monitor (powder, packaging)

              2019/07/26 13:19
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              Free shuttle, holiday benefits
              Salary: 2001-4000 yuan / month
              Job highlights
              Free shuttle, holiday benefits
              Job information
              Job description:
              1. According to the requirements of the production plan, organize the production of the staff of the team, calculate the output, and ensure the output is achieved;
              2. The supervisory team members shall carry out production according to the process flow, operation specifications and quality requirements to ensure product quality;
              3. Responsible for timely reporting of abnormal conditions in the production process of the product, and actively assist the workshop director to solve the problem;
              3. Check the safe use of equipment and facilities in the team, and do maintenance and maintenance work;
              4. Responsible for supervising and inspecting the completion of each handover document and each record to ensure that it is true and effective and keeps the archive;
              5. Responsible for the safety inspection and safety education of the team, to prevent the occurrence of work-related injuries and major accidents;
              6, strong language expression and organizational coordination capabilities, do a good job of uploading and releasing.
              job requirements:
              1. College degree or above, age 25-35 years old
              2, 2 years of experience in infant powder production and management
              3. Strong organizational, communication and coordination skills
              4, responsible, careful
              working address:
              Anda City Tiexi District Anda Dairy Co., Ltd.